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{2/10 characters} → Princess Leia Organa

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International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day where is a date to remember the fight of women to be treated as human being with the same rights the man, I guess is right, me as woman who owns this tumblr makes a post showing women, although fictional, showed me that be woman is not be fragil but it’s be a fighter!

You can be a woman and falls in love and fights for this love, but you choose how your life will be, you have to right to fight your own battles and make a difference not only for yourself but the another people. We, women, can be what we want to be, what we choose to be and paraphrasing Rose as Bad Wolf, we create ourselves. 

Leia chose be a politician and a rebel lider, Scully chose be a MD and a FBI agent, Rose discovered she could be more than what others said she could be, and all these three made a difference. So yeah, These three tought me that I can be a woman, fell in love and be a BadAss and always a fighter.

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Dat booty tho

I wish I saw this in 3D.

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Leia, do you remember your mother?  Your real mother?

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Admiral Ackbar and Ten talk. LOL

Star Wars VI and ‘Tooth and Claw’ episode crossover.

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“I happen to like nice men.”

“I’m nice men.”                                               

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One of the best bits of Episode VI

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